How To Access JFAC

There are two instances of the portal, both requiring a Platform One account before you can access either one. The full portal will require a DoD Common Access Card (CAC) or a government-issued Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card. Without a CAC or PIV, a user will be able to access the public information available on the limited portal.

Please create a Platform One account before proceeding to the JFAC portal.

Platform One Onboarding and FAQ

JFAC Limited Portal

  • public Public
  • features blocked Limited Features
  • target users Vendors, general public assurance community
    without a security clearance
Access JFAC Limited

JFAC Full Portal

  • security CUI - Controlled Unclassified Information
  • CAC Card CAC Required
  • target users Federal government and defense enterprise
    (active duty military, civilians, and contractors)
  • NOTE: Platform One has implemented a secure solution to protect IL4 applications. Users will need to sign in to appgate with their CAC credentials before arriving to any IL4 applications. Learn More
Access JFAC Full Portal

JFAC Portal Overview

Trust & Assurance
Knowledge Management

Maximizes discovery and utilization of federated assurance resources with a holistic assurance approach.

Trust & Assurance Definitions

Provde JFAC's holistic approach Across OUSD (A&S)'s Aquisition Lifecycles Supporting OUSD (R&E)'s Critical Technology for all DOD System in support of the Warfighter's Mission
example of tool cards

Tool Catalog

Learn about the assurance products offered within the DOD and what they provide to assist with program solutions.

Federated Assurance

Learn about organizations from different communities within the DOD that may offer assurance capabilities & connect programs with Assurance Providers that offer capabilities to support assurance needs across the entire life cycle.

About JFAC

JFAC is a federation to support trusted defense system needs and ensure the security of software, firmware, and hardware developed, acquired, maintained, and used by the DOD.

Our Mission

JFAC provides a federation of software and hardware assurance capabilities across the Department of Defense (DoD).

Our Vision

Building Trust through
Holistic Assurance

Our Values

  • Build Relational Bridges
  • Pursue Enterprise Hard Problems
  • Explore the Solution Space
  • Move Forward in Steadfast Resilience
  • Empower the Community

Strategic Goals

  • Stay ahead of the threat landscape
  • Migrate towards holistic assurance across the lifecycle
  • Maximize discovery and utilization of federated assurance resources
  • Mature assurance technologies and deliver capabilities at the speed of mission
  • Provide affordable and scalable assurance solutions